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What is codesbroker?

codesbroker is the marketplace for designers, developers and their customers, who are searching for designs, logos and source code, or wish to offer such items for sale. The use of this marketplace is completely free of charge for registered users. As a portal user, you can search for finished products, such as web designs, logos or source code, and buy these directly online. In addition, you have the possibility of posting anonymous requests for tenders, which are non-binding and free of charge. Registered designers and developers will be informed about your requests for tender, after which they can submit a non-binding offer to you. This way you can have access to optimal solutions for your projects.

You can receive attractive commissions

Codesbroker, in contrast to other portals of this type, does not charge you a fee if you, as a developer or designer, get an order on the basis of a tender offer. Codesbroker only charges a commission for finished products, such as designs, source code or scripts that are offered by you on the marketplace and sold, automatically deducting its fee from the sales price.

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As a designer, you can sell finished websites, logo and other designs via codesbroker. At the same time, you will have access to the newest requests for tender, making it possible for you to take up contact with the customer.

Designers, too, can publish requests for tender on any of their projects, for instance for finding a suitable development partner for an online project.
As a developer, you can offer finished programmes and scripts in any category via codesbroker. At the same time, you can also search for new requests for tender and subsequently present your offer is for such projects. A search agent will automatically inform you about new requests for tender, which correspond to the criteria selected by you.
As a developer, you also have the possibility of publishing requests for tenders on your own projects, for instance for finding a cooperation partner or a subcontractor.
Buyers and tenderers can purchase designs, website templates, PowerPoint templates, applications and scripts, which are being offered by qualified designers and developers. In addition, it is possible for you to make anonymous requests for tender, with the objective of finding appropriate resources and partners for concrete projects, such as advertising campaigns, the development of graphic illustrations or the handling of development projects
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