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What does this portal offer to developers?

(Portalname) offers developers and programmers the possibility of presenting and marketing their programmes and code directly online via this marketplace. Both smaller scripts and more complex programmes can be sold in this way. In addition, registered developers can present their profiles online.

What does this portal offer to designers?

(Portalname) offers designers a sales platform for any type of design that they would like to market online. Via this marketplace, designers can for instance offer and sell complete homepage templates, logos, illustrations and other designs directly online. In addition, registered designers can present their profiles online.

What benefits does this portal offered to buyers and project developers?

Users can search for scripts, complete programmes or designs, for products in a wide variety of areas on this (portal name), and they can buy these directly online. Payments are made by way of secure payment services providers, such as PayPal or Worldpay. In addition, all registered users of the portal can make free-of-charge and non-binding requests for tender on development or design projects.

How does a search agent function?

All registered users can create as many search agents as they would like. The search agent will detect all new listings for a selected subject or criterion, informing you automatically per e-mail of new listings found. If you are, for instance, interested in you postings on the homepage Design, Fashion, Flash etc., you simply select these criteria.

How do I publish a request for tender for a project?

Simply register at no charge and without obligation here as a buyer. Subsequently you select the area in which you would like to receive tender offers for your project, and define your project requirements there. You can request tender offers for as many projects as you like. Registered suppliers of the portal, who fulfil your criteria, will subsequently submit an offer to you.

Can I remain anonymous in the beginning, when I request tender offers on a project?

Yes. (Portalname) offers you the possibility of requesting tenders anonymously in the beginning. You yourself can then decide, with which of the suppliers you would like to take up contact.

How much does a membership cost?

The portal membership itself if FREE-OF-CHARGE. The only thing that we demand is a backlink to the homepage of the supplier, who is registered in this marketplace. Fees are only charged for the sales of products that are actually realised and paid for via this marketplace. There are absolutely no hidden costs. It is a real win/win situation.

As a designer or developer, how do I sell my products via (Portalname)?

You simply register as a supplier on (Portalname), at no charge and without any obligation. After this, you can upload your products (scripts, code, designs) as a compacted ZIP file. Then you add a description, illustrations and the proposed selling price to your product. After your product posting has been reviewed and released by our moderators, it can be purchased online by users.

How high are the fees when one of my product is sold?

Depending on the product category, that commission on (Portalname) lies between 25% and 50% for sold and paid products.

As a seller, how do I receive my money?

Payments to suppliers are carried out once every week. After deduction of the commission, sales receipts are transferred to your PayPal account. In the event of larger amounts, payment is made by bank transfer.

Am I allowed to offer free-of-charge products, such as demos or shareware?

(Portalname) is not intended as portal for selling shareware or public domain software. Only finished, functional and high-quality products are offered and sold on (Portalname). (Portalname) reserves the right to refuse products.

Users and suppliers can post requests for tenders to developers and designers. What does (Portalname) charge, if my tender offer is accepted?

This marketplace charges no commission at the current time for tender offers that are accepted. Both the posting and the participation in tenders is free-of-charge. Requests for tenders can be posted both by users and by suppliers (designers and developers). This also makes it possible to find interesting co-operation partners for your projects.

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